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The International Union of Elevator Constructors

The International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 90, Hamilton,  would like to welcome you to our website. The IUEC consists of over 25,000 highly skilled and gratified members throughout North America. Through unmatched training and education programs, the IUEC has created the safest form of vertical transportation in the world, along with bringing to life the beautiful skyline to many of North America’s towns and cities.

Local 90 covers south-western Ontario, serving a population of over 3.5 million people. Our highly skilled members not only take great pride in their work, but also in the communities in which they live. The IUEC educates its own members through The Canadian Elevator Industry Education Program. This program is funded by the membership, as well as the companies that employ our members.   CEIEP is the preeminent training provider in the Canadian elevator industry and it is recognized in every province in Canada. Our education and training program ensures that each apprentice will receive the finest skills necessary to excel in an ever changing industry.


The Elevator Trade consists of a 4 year apprenticeship comprising of 4 years of in class theoretical training and 8,000 hours of on-site training. The Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) is “a not-for –profit, self-funded delegated administrative authority that administers and enforces public safety laws in various sectors under Ontario’s Technical Standards and Safety Act.” The TSSA regulates the Elevator industry through inspection, registration and licensing. The IUEC is a proud organization that is over 100 years old. An Elevating Devices Mechanic is responsible for the installation, service and maintenance of elevators, escalators, moving walks, lifts for persons with physical disabilities and many other forms of vertical transportation.

An Elevator Constructor must possess knowledge of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems. They are also required to be comfortable with working at great heights, dark and confined spaces and be knowledgeable of troubleshooting and diagnostic techniques. We are also very proud that Elevator constructors are consistently ranked in the top 3 for the best blue collar jobs throughout Canada and the United States.

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